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A Litle Love Guitar Chords

A Litle Love – Fiona Fung

GreatnessC as Fyou.
smallestG as Cme.
you AMshow me whatDM is deep asC see
a F little love, little G kiss
a EM little hug, little AM gift
DMall of little Fsomething DM these is our Gmemories.
you Cmake me cry
Gmake me smile
AMmake me feel that Clove is true
you Falways stand by Cmy side
I don’t DMwant to say Ggoodbye.
you make CI cry
make Gme smile
AMmake me feel the Cjoy of love
oh Fkissing you
G.Thank you for EMall the love you AMalways give EMto me.
Goh I love Cyou.
G………yes I Cdo.,
I always Fdo
to Gbe with Cyou.
oh, i Glove Cyou.

C F Dm G Am Let it go chords
A Litle Love




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