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Back To Your Heart

Back To Your Heart – Jason Blume

CIt’s not that I can’t Glive without you
It’s Fjust that I don’t even DMwant G Cto try
Every night I Gdre [A#]am about you
Ever DMsince the Gday we Fsaid goodbye
If I Cwasn’t DMsuch a fool
Right now CI’d be Fholding you
There’s Cnothing A#that I wouldn’t do
Baby if GI Gonly knew
The Cwords AMto say
The road Fto take
To find [G]a way [C]back to your heart
What AMcan I do
To get Fto you
And find Ga way back to your…heart
I don’t know how it got so crazy
But I’ll do anything to set things right
Cos your love is so amazing
Baby, you’re the best thing in my life
Let me prove my love is real
And make you feel the way I feel
I promise I would give the world
If only you would tell me girl
Give [F]me one [C]more [Dm] [C]chance, to give my love to you
[F]Cos no one [C]on [A#] [G] [G]this earth loves you like I do…… tell me
(Chorus1) but change the last line to:
And Ffind a way Gb ack… Dto your heart
I Dturn BMback time
To make Gyou mine
And Afind a way back Dto your heart
I beg and BMplead
Fall to Gmy knees
To find Aaway back to your heart

Back To Your Heart

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