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Eight Days A Week Chords – The Beatles

Eight Days A Week Chords

Eight Days A Week Chords – The Beatles

Intro : C Dm F C
O Cooh I need your loDMvein,
Gue Fss you know it C‘s true.
Hope Cyou need my love DM babe,
FJust Clike I need you.
Hold Cme, lo DMve me, hold C me, DMlov e me.
Ain’ t Cgot nothin’ DMut love in,
Eig Fht days a we Cek.

Love you ev’ry day girl,
Always on my mind.
One thing I can say girl,
Love you all the time.
Hold me, love me, hold me, love me.
Ain’t got nothin’ but love in,
Eight days a week.
Eight days a week
I love you.
Eight days a week
Is not enough to show I care

C Dm F C

Eight Days A Week Chords Let it go chords

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